Quick new mac tip: right clicking

A number of people have wondered:

How do a get a secondary (right) click on the mac?

In most cases, holding down the control key while clicking will give you a right click. You can also fully customize this behavior by changing the settings under System Preferences > Trackpad.

How can I configure the trackpad to click on tap?

You’ll find an amazing number of things you can do with your trackpad (including tap to click, two finger scrolling, and application switching using a four finger swipe) by going to System Preferences > Trackpad.


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2 Responses to Quick new mac tip: right clicking

  1. Scotty Jones says:

    Hi John and Chris,

    A little help with the “Connect to U Drive” icon on the desktop. I’ve clicked it and still seem to have a snafu with getting connected. Also, how do we get our other drives (V, K, and M) on? Thank you.

    • This is a bit more complex, and we’re looking for an easier solution, but for the time being, you can go to Finder > connect to sever (command K) and enter the following:

      • K drive: smb://facstaff/wmspublic
      • V drive (junior high): smb://apps/jhstemp
      • There are lots of mappings for the M drive. What do you access it for?

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