Guest blogger: Ted Sadtler

The first thing I ever created on my MacBook.

Hi there!

I guess I’m what you would call a “guest blogger” on this site.  @occam98 asked me and a few others to introduce ourselves as we will be sharing our Mac user experiences throughout the summer.  He suggested these prompts to get started:

What is your background with technology?

I was the language lab director for the Language Department for 7 years from 2003-2010.  Don’t assume, however, that that role endowed me with any particular tech gifts.  What it did give me was TIME.  Time to tinker and explore tools relevant to the language teacher.  I can’t code, I can’t program, I can’t do anything that requires genuine working knowledge of computers.  What I can do is PLAY.  And so can you.

What is your background with the mac platform in particular?

I’ve made four iMovies of my own.  That is the extent of my illustrious Mac career.

How do you hope to use your computer next year?

I hope to be “PC proficient” (that is, as proficient on a Mac as I was on a PC) with my five main tasks: Word, Excel, Outlook, Social bookmarking, and screencasting.  I hope to tinker with GarageBand and do more work with iMovie.  I also want to explore one new tool per week over the summer.

How do you go about finding things to do with your computer? What are some good resources that you turn to for ideas/help?

I keep it simple.  I seek to do what I currently do.  When I get comfortable with that, I move into the “unknown.”  Apple has some INCREDIBLE resources out there.  Many of them are posted on this blog and in the emails leading up to the rollout.  When I have a question, I turn to one of my colleagues that is an experienced Mac user.  If he or she doesn’t know, we go looking for it together.

Good luck in your first week with your new MacBook!  Keep on playing!

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2 Responses to Guest blogger: Ted Sadtler

  1. epdobbs says:

    I love this post! I too had the idea to explore one new mac tool per week. Glad to know there is someone out there who I can nerd out with over the summer! I look forward to seeing how this page grows!
    Until the summer officially begins, however, I’m going to be satisfied with the joy of finally knowing how to properly wrap a mac power cord! Thank you directions sheet!


  2. Peyten,
    One cord wrapping tip—from someone who’s destroyed many power supplies—the connection where the cord meets the power brick is prone to damage over long periods of time—so you want to wrap it in such a way that you don’t bend the cord 90° right after it comes out of the brick—it puts too much stress on the cord. You can find a somewhat funny video describing the process here: how to properly wrap a macbook power cord.

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