SCF – Processing the Data

In the JH this week, we had a session with our new MacBooks to process our student course feedback from the Google doc form.

In this session, we learned to

  • capture part of a screen and paste it into a word processor.
  • download the data collected from the Google form into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • paste the data into the same word document.
You can see an example of the final product of the session on my blog, Experiments in Learning by Doing, in the post Feedback and Learning for Me:  Student Course Feedback – FAAR.  You can also read my reflection of my learning from the students’ feedback.
Here is a screencast of how to copy your SCF from a Google doc to a Word doc.

We would love your feedback and your questions. If you want to offer them, please post in the comment field below.

About Jill Gough

Learner, Love Questions, Problem-finding, Math w/technology. Interests: Collaborating, PLC, Formative assmt
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One Response to SCF – Processing the Data

  1. Jim Plondke says:

    Thanks, Jill. Very helpful. Jim Plondke

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