How to learn the basics

A pretty common feeling when working with anything new—a computer, a new instrument, or a new language, is that that “overwhelmed” feeling, and just wanting to know the “basics.” I saw this great post on the Chronicle of Higher Ed about learning the basics of Technology 101. The article points out two great resources that you might want to check out

  • Google’s Teach Parents Tech. A bunch of googlers got tiered of having being tech support for their parents, and so they put this site together which features lively and very informative tutorials on all sorts of basic computer related things, like copy/paste, translating text, creating online calendars, changing your desktop background and more.
  • David Pogue’s “What should be the Big Book of Basic Technology knowledge.” Pogue is the excellent NYT tech columnist who does an excellent job of explaining even the most complex technology in easy to understand terms. Although Pogue calls these tips basic, I think almost everyone will find a few “ah-ha’s” among these tips. Pogue followed up his post with 25 more tech tips and tricks.

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