Go with what you know

So, in my introduction two weeks ago, I alluded to my previous Mac experience: iMovie.  I purchased an iMac for the language lab for video editing because I heard that iMovie was the primo movie-making software out there…easy to use, lots of rich features, etc.  But seriously, that was the extent of my Mac usage.

Therefore, as my first major learning opportunity, I decided to take the safe road and make a movie.  It turns out that between 2007 and 2011 Apple had TOTALLY redesigned iMovie.  I plowed forward regardless, and within 50 minutes (from the time the video was imported from my FlipCam to the time I uploaded it to Vimeo), this is what I had created.


  1. Take video with Flip Cam.
  2. Connect Flip Cam to MacBook (video automatically found the “Movies” folder on my computer and with one click I transferred the video files.
  3. My computer asked me if I wanted to edit the video in iMovie, which I did.
  4. I cut scenes to make a brief, but clear video of what the boys did.  This seemed to take the majority of the time.
  5. I added a “fade” transition by dragging a “transition icon” between each of the video clips.
  6. I added text to some of the slides.
  7. I watched it once to make sure that it looked good, then chose my upload option. In my case, Vimeo.  Other options are Facebook, YouTube, and others.

The only time I got confused was when I was looking for the “Add text” option.  It turns out all you do is click on the video clip.  Once you click on the video clip it presents you with text options.  All you do is start typing.

The big takeaway:  With PC applications, it was my experience that I had to go seek out commands or options, either in menu bars or options panes.  Many Mac applications predict my needs based on what I’m doing (selecting frames, clicking between frames of video, etc.) and PRESENTS me with possible options.  In other words, if I try to go looking for things, I often miss them because they’re already in front of my face!

I hope you’re enjoying the same sort of e-hospitality!

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