Do You Have the Essential Skills? Learn and Earn!

Pitt, Clooney, CheadleIt’s painful to remember when all these guys had was good looks and charm. Then one summer they loaded up on skills, and they finally found the joy that had been missing from their empty, celebrity lives. Skills got these guys where they are today. Don’t be a knucklehead – get yourself some new skills this summer, and GET PAID to do it!

If you haven’t seen Thad’s email, click here to get the details.
Do you have the Essential Skills you need prior to Faculty Forum? Click here to check.

Ready to sign up for some Learn and Earn workshops? Click here. Classes are limited to 16 – if you snooze, you could lose!

UPDATE: Some classes are already full. If you register for a full class, I will email you and put you on a waiting list for the class. The Learn and Earn website will now reflect how deep the waiting list is.


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Technology teacher at The Westminster Schools
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6 Responses to Do You Have the Essential Skills? Learn and Earn!

  1. epdobbs says:

    Loving that Brad Pitt and George Clooney are making it into these posts. 🙂

  2. Anna Moore says:

    will we get a confirmation of enrollment in these classes? just want to make sure I’m properly enrolled.

  3. getzendanner says:

    Anna, I finally got confirmation e-mails sent out late Tuesday night. Sorry for the delay- it was a somewhat laborious process. If you did not receive an e-mail from me, please contact me: marleneg(at sign)

    I also sent wait-list e-mails to anyone who signed up for a class that was already filled. If folks will let me or Andrea Corley know if their attendance plans change, we can try to fill newly available spots with someone from the wait list.

  4. Any idea when one-day or half-day workshops will be announced?

  5. Lee Steele says:

    Hi Marlene!
    What about a workshop on how to use the Plan book app?

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