How to check your email on your smartphone/iPad

Thanks to the email transition to exchange this spring, it’s now easy-as-pie to set up your phone or iPad to check your Westminster email.

Here are the important settings you will need:
Account type: Microsoft Exchange
Email: (replace your email with you actual email)
Domain: wms

The actual steps you need to follow to set up the account varies from device to device, but in general, you need to go to the settings for your phone and add an account.

For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad, etc), you go to settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add account

Here’s what the actual setup screen looks like on an iPhone:

Feel free to post questions if you’re having trouble setting this up and someone should help you out.


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4 Responses to How to check your email on your smartphone/iPad

  1. John, this is for using the iPad / iPhone mail app, right? Do you think people might be interested in using Apple’s mail program on their laptops, too? Or would it be better to stick with Outlook on the laptop?

    • John Burk says:

      You can certainly try it out. Since I use mail already to check a number of other accounts I have, I like it and use it. In some ways, I find it a bit easier to use than outlook, mainly because outlook for mac has problems handling creating distribution lists, etc. But there is no problem with using both (I do). Your email is actually stored on the server, so you can access it using as many ways as you want (apple mail, outlook for mac, web client, thunderbird, etc). The settings I posted above should be all you need, though in most cases, email clients can auto detect these settings.

  2. Yes, I might switch to Outlook’s interface is way busy for me . . . lots of bells and whistles I’ll probably never use.

  3. For the longest time (I’ve had an iphone for a number of years), I resisted the temptation to set up ANY email accounts on my ‘phone. When we at Westminster switched to Outlook a few months ago, I gave in and set up all of my email accounts on my ‘phone – my verdict? A VERY mixed blessing! Cool? Yes. CONSTANTLY feeling the need to respond/action emails from the middle of nowhere and constantly being ‘reachable’ by yet another method of communication, are definite downsides. I’m re-considering.

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