How to become a web surfing ninja

Next  Tuesday, from 9 a.m.-12:00 p.m., I’ll be offering a Learn and Earn workshop on “How to become a Web Surfing Ninja.” Click here to sign up

Would you like to waste less time searching and randomly surfing the web, and MORE time finding useful things that will improve your teaching and personal life?

In this session we will explore the following topics:

  • How to search for things and find exactly what you want
  • How to save and organize your personal bookmarks, and how to share and browse awesome bookmarks from other educators using Diigo
  • How to read the sites you visit most frequently more easily with RSS and google reader
  • How to navigate your browser more quickly using tabbed browsing and keyboard shortcuts
  • How to extract and save things you want to use in your classroom, like images and youtube videos
  • How to save articles and videos you’d like to read later for viewing on your smartphone or ipad using instapaper and watch later
  • How to find new tools and services to save you time, ease collaboration, and supercharge your teaching.
  • and much much more

If you have any questions or suggestions for particular web-surfing ninja skills you’d like to learn, leave them in the comments below.

FYI, participants in half-day workshops Learn and Earn a $50 stipend!


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5 Responses to How to become a web surfing ninja

  1. Mecia Israel says:

    I NEED to take this session, but will be out of town on June 21. Please offer the opportunity again.

    • John Burk says:

      Yes—If there is interest, I will be happy to offer a second session. I’m also going to try to tape/screencast the session, and provide notes, which should be helpful.

  2. Jim Plondke says:

    Thank you. I signed up for the workshop. Can you advise the location for tomorrow?

    Jim Plondke

    • John Burk says:

      Yes—we’re meeting in Jill’s classroom in the Junior High. I think that’s 234, but Marlene will send out confirmation with the correct room number.

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