Follow up from the Web Ninja Class

Today I had a blast teaching the How to be a Web Surfing Ninja” to 15 wonderfully eager and very patient learners in Jill’s classroom.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what we did, I’ve embedded the handout, which explains each of the 24 Ninja Tricks we discussed below.

Because you can’t click on the links in a scribd document, I’ve also included this link to a directly to the pdf (this link opens in a new window, but you could always use your ninja skills—command+click to force it to open in a new tab instead). If you download this pdf, you will be able to click any of the links on the pdf, and it will open in your default web browser.

We also recorded the full 3 hour session, which you can watch below. Note: if you go and register at the vimeo site, you can download these videos to your computer directly, and then transfer them to a smartphone or tablet for easier viewing.

First 90 minutes

Second 90 minutes

In our class, we basically went through the tips on the handout in order so that might help you to navigate through the videos.

Of course, in 3 short hours, it’s hard to master just a few of these tricks, much less all of them. But don’t forget the Web-Ninja Mantra—”scale the internet tower with patience and practice, one step at a time.”

Feel free to share questions/thoughts/feedback as you try out some of these ideas, and please share your own Web Ninja tricks!


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2 Responses to Follow up from the Web Ninja Class

  1. getzendanner says:

    Its not really a ninja trick, but Google Squared ( is an interesting way to see search results. Instead of a list of links, you see a grid of information about your topic. Some searches lend themselves better to this approach than others-try some of the sample search topics to get a feel for what it can do. It’s still in the Google labs phase of development, so improvements should be forthcoming.

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