Apple Learn and Earn begins this week…

Our 2-day sessions – OS X Basics and iLife, iWork and mentoring, and Challenge Based Learning – begin this week.

You should receive an email notification from Marlene G. with the room location, but we thought it would help to have it posted here as well.

These sessions start promptly at 8:15.

If you are participating in the iWork and mentoring session, it is very important that you have iWork installed on your MacBook Pro prior to 8:15 the day of your session.  You must be on campus to complete the installation.  It installs quickly, but you should give yourself at least 20 minutes just in case you need help.

To install iWork while on campus:

  1. From your Mac, click this link to connect to the network share–> afp://xserv2/Mac%20Software/iWork/remove_and_install_iWork09.pkg
  2. Connect as Guest if prompted.
  3. Once the Mac_Software share opens double click remove_and_install_iWork09.pkg
  4. After the package opens, just follow through the prompts you see.
  5. When the process is complete you should be all set!

Here are the tentative agendas for each session:


About Jill Gough

Learner, Love Questions, Problem-finding, Math w/technology. Interests: Collaborating, PLC, Formative assmt
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