One final workshop added this Friday: Tame your Inbox—become an email maestro

Are you always feeling yourself buried under a pile of email? Are your dreams filled with visions of am empty inbox? Do you find yourself getting annoyed at emails with non-specific subject lines, or needless attachments? Do you think your inbox could land a starring role the Monty Python Musical Spam-a-lot? Do you sometimes get so fed up with email you wish it would die and we all go back to communicating via morse code and primate-like grunts?

In this session, you’ll spend the first part of the session learn tips and tricks to conquer your inbox and tame it for ever. Learn the secrets of searching your email to find the exact message you’re looking for from two months ago, and how to make filters that will slice, dice and categorize your incoming torrent of email to a gentle trickle of stuff you really want to see.

After this, because so much of our own issues with email stem from how others in our community use email, we’ll take the first steps toward trying to draft an email charter—an set of guidelines and best practices for using email at Westminster that all users can opt-in to in order to help tame the email beast together once and for all.

This session will run from 9am-noon this Friday, July 29. You can sign up using Marlene’s signup sheet. You will earn a $50 stipend upon completion of this workshop. The location of the workshop will be sent to you via email once it is arranged.

This is also likely to be the last workshop I am offering this summer before faculty forum.


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