Great List of Best Free Mac Apps

Lifehacker just published this very helpful list of useful and free mac apps.

There are some great apps on this list, some of which have already been mentioned on this blog, like VLC. Others you might not have heard of include handbrake, which allows you to extract video from any DVD, which is great for use in the classroom.


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5 Responses to Great List of Best Free Mac Apps

  1. Handbrake is a great program for turning your DVD into a file. Word of warning though — it takes a bit of time, and it runs your computer HARD, so don’t plan to do any other work while it’s running.

  2. Just looked at the list and it contains many of the good ones. For those of you who use FTP, I recommend Cyberduck. I’ve been using it with my Westminster website for ages and it’s stable and quick.

    • Anyone know of an FTP program that allows one to select a file (or files) locally, and send them to multiple (selected) folders on the remote server with just one click?? I suspect no such thing exists, but thought I should at least ask.

      • John Burk says:

        I don’t think this is possible, but if anything is possible with an FTP client, Transmit can do it. It has a feature to create icons on your desktop that act just like local drives, but are actually FTP connections. It’s by far the best FTP app I’ve used.

      • Yeah, I didn’t think it was possible, but I feel it ought to be!

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