Is your new Mac running REALLY hot?

And I mean REALLY hot, to the point where you cannot have it on your lap for anything more than a few minutes? Well if so, then it appears to be the norm.

At John’s suggestion I checked in with Apple techs in three different stores, in three different cities in the last couple of weeks and they all said it was ‘normal’ for my machine (15”). They also said that this is the primary reason the Macbooks are NOT referred to by Apple as ‘Laptops’, but rather carry the ‘Notebook’ moniker.

So now you know – it’s normal and there’s no need to bug John or the IT help desk with questions about temperature!


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10 Responses to Is your new Mac running REALLY hot?

  1. Yeah, I had noticed that. It’s particularly hot (unsurprisingly) when you’re doing anything graphics-intensive.

    • Mine was SO hot that it literally caused the skin on my upper knee to turn bright red and get quite uncomfortable. I felt 100% positive that something was wrong with the cooling system of the machine, but apparently not.

  2. And while I’m on the subject — some of you (how many of you are reading this?!) with the 15″ macs may have noticed that sound is balanced to the right hand side. Apparently it’s because there’s a tiny woofer under your right wrist and that makes it sound as though the sound is balanced to the right. Solution: use headphones or external speakers.

  3. . . . and you can also improve it a bit by moving the balance slider in the sound prefs to the left. Open System Preferences > Sound > Output.

  4. Roy Lovell says:
    This link claims to solve the problem. I can't vouch for that, as I downloaded it without being able to access the program, which was supposedly installed in System Preferences, though I couldn't find it. Also, the upper threshold minimum is said to be 70 C (158 F), which seems pretty hot. Apparently, only a fairly small fan can be accommodated by Cupertino's proclivity for thinness.

    • I installed it, and it and appeared to fire up the fan immediately. I *think* it (the software) is running in the background and will kick the fan in when the computer gets to a certain temp, but I’m not 100% sure.

  5. Roy Lovell says:

    My posting is listed as being at 2:21 AM, but it was at 10:21 PM. What’s up with that?

  6. John Burk says:

    I think the clock on the web host is set for a different time zone. I’ll look into changing it.

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