Announcing @wmstechhelp-tech help that’s just a tweet away

Update: the daily tech tips tweeted by the @wmstechhelp are now being archived and posted on this blog. Click on the @wmstechhelp quick tips link in the navigation bar ablove.

This year, we’ve started a new help community driven technology help program to provide tech help using Twitter. This initiative is staffed by faculty, and aims to provide you with timely help to your questions and problems, along with daily tips, tricks and suggestions for getting more from your computer.

Here’s how it works. If you’re on twitter, simply follow the user: @wmstechhelp. You’ll get daily tips of cool applications you can try out, new tips and tricks for using applications you already know and ideas for how to use your computer to save time and improve your teaching.

If you’ve got a question, just tweet it to @wmstechhelp. There are over a dozen of your teaching colleagues who administer this twitter account ready and willing to respond to your question with quick, helpful feedback.

Please note that this does not replace any of the traditional tech support offerings of the IT department, which are still in place and even being beefed up to provide you even more help during the transition to macintosh. You can still call the help desk and get help over the phone. However, sending a tweet to @wmstechhelp can give you a new path to getting help that you will find very useful.

New to twitter and still not sure about how to get started? Not a problem at all.
Just click on the more link below to be taken to step by step directions for getting started.

Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to download the twitter application from the mac app store. (Note: this application is free, but installing this application will require that you enter your appled ID, which is the same username and password you use to purchase music/movies from iTunes—and if you don’t use iTunes, it is very easy to set up an account).

Once you’ve installed the twitter app, run it (it will be in your dock), and click on “Sign up!”

At this point, you’ll be taken to the twitter signup page to create an account.

One important note when choosing a twitter username. Unless your name is especially uncommon, you’re likely to find that FirstNameLastName is probably taken. Twitter suggests lots of ideas for usernames that are available that you might like.

From there, twitter will suggest some people you might want to follow (often if you use your westminster email to set this up, it suggests Westminster people), and then ask you about some interests so that it can suggest other twitter users to follow. Feel free to click the “Next” and “Finish” buttons to advance through these screens (you can always go back later add follow additional users.

Now that you’ve set up an account, why not send a tweet to @wmstechhelp telling us that you’re now all set up with twitter? We’ll follow you back.


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3 Responses to Announcing @wmstechhelp-tech help that’s just a tweet away

  1. ‘Tech Tips’ are being posted this morning!

  2. FYI the @wmstechhelp Twitter account has been suspended, perhaps due to multiple IP addresses access the account?

    • John Burk says:

      It’s fixed now. It was erroneously suspended when twitter was suspending a bunch of other spam accounts. Nothing like a few emails to twitter support to sort things out. If only twitter had twitter tech support. 🙂

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