List of all drive mappings

A number of people have been wondering about how to access all the various networked drives you used to be able to access. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of the drive mappings. The general procedure you follow to access a shared drive is

  1. Go to Finder
  2. Press command + K, (note: on the white mac external keyboard, the command key is a flower symbol next to the space bar)
  3. Type the address of the drive you wish to connect to in the server address field: (eg. smb://factstaff/wmspublic to get to the K drive)

This list is organized in the following manner
[What users can access the drive] [Driver letter] [address]

Note that this list is secure—if you don’t have permission to access one of these drives, knowing the address will not be useful to you. In order to open any of these drives, your user account must be set with permission to access the drive.

  • “All_Faculty_Staff “U: url: smb://FACSTAFF/USER/USERS/” & objNetwork.Username & “”
  • “All_Faculty_Staff “K: url: smb://facstaff/wmspublic”
  • “All_Faculty_Staff “I: url: smb://apps/dosapps”
  • “Athletic_Trainers “S: url: smb://facstaff/athletic_trainers”
  • “All_Faculty_Staff “T: url: smb://facstaff/gradequick”
  • “MISBO “G: url: smb://facstaff/Misbo”
  • “Library_Staff “G: url: smb://facstaff/library”
  • “CEP “G: url: smb://facstaff/cep”
  • “Institutional Advancement “G: url: smb://facstaff/institutional Advancement”
  • “Communications “G: url: smb://facstaff/institutional Advancement”
  • “Admissions “G: url: smb://facstaff/admissions”
  • “Personnel_Office “G: url: smb://facstaff/personnel”
  • “Auxilliary_Services “G: url: smb://facstaff/aux_ser”
  • “Athletics “G: url: smb://facstaff/athletics”
  • “HighSchool_Math “G: url: smb://facstaff/math_folder”
  • “PAD “G: url: smb://facstaff/PAD”
  • “Infirmary “G: url: smb://facstaff/infirmary”
  • “Physical_Plant “P: url: smb://facstaff/ppd”
  • “High_School_Faculty_Staff “H: url: smb://facstaff/highschool”
  • “Junior_High_Faculty_Staff “H: url: smb://facstaff/juniorhigh”
  • “Elementary_Group “H: url: smb://facstaff/elementary”
  • “SummerCamp “Q: url: smb://facstaff/summercamp”
  • “High_School_Faculty_Staff “V: url: smb://apps/highschool”
  • “Junior_High_Faculty_Staff “V: url: smb://apps/jhstemp”
  • “Elementary_Group “V: url: smb://apps/elementary”
  • “Insurance “O: url: smb://facstaff/flex”
  • “Business_Office “J: url: smb://facstaff/business office”
  • “Lynx “L: url: smb://apps/lynx”
  • “DIS Group “X: url: smb://facstaff/dot”
  • “Library_Staff “P: url: smb://sagebrush/data”
  • “Business_Office “M: url: smb://education/database”
  • “Faculty_General “M: url: smb://education/database”
  • “Admissions “M: url: smb://newdev/database”
  • “Admissions “M: url: smb://education/database”
  • “Athletic_Trainers “M: url: smb://education/database”
  • “Athletics “M: url: smb://education/database”
  • “Deans “S: url: smb://facstaff/deans”
  • “Bi_line “N: url: smb://apps/bi-line”
  • “Institutional Advancement “S: url: smb://newdev/database”
  • “Library_Staff “S: url: smb://sagebrush/Spectrum Server”
  • “EPAC “N: url: smb://facstaff/epac”
  • “Service Center “G: url: smb://facstaff/service center”
  • “Web Team “W: url: smb://apps/web team”
  • “Discovery “G: url: smb://facstaff/discovery”
  • “Lynx “P: url: smb://apps/lynx photos”
  • “Timeclock_Admin “W: url: smb://newbusiness/unitime”
  • “Communications “P: url: smb://facstaff/marketing and communications”
  • “Institutional Advancement “T: url: smb://newdev/media”
  • “Thorguard “L: url: smb://facstaff/thornet”
  • “PE “P: url: smb://facstaff/pe”
  • “DOFaculty “G: url: smb://facstaff/deanoffaculty”
  • “Language Teachers “G: url: smb://language2/Virtuososhare”
  • “Admin Team “N: url: smb://facstaff/Admin Team”

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