Open mic for mac questions

It’s been a while since we’ve had an open mic for mac questions. So ask them here—you’ve got questions, we hopefully have answers. Just add your question to the comments.


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19 Responses to Open mic for mac questions

  1. John – I’m still concerned about the battery life of my machine. Is there a bullet by bullet procedure that we could use to check the health of the battery, all the way from making some adjustments through to having the battery replaced?

    • jgough says:

      Hi! I took my MacBook to the Apple Store where they ran diagnostics on my machine. The first piece of information given to me was about the health of my battery.

  2. professeurb2 says:

    When I open up a student audio file, it opens up in iTunes. I’d rather have it open up elsewhere because it is difficult to find and store these files in iTunes (I think). Help!

  3. John Burk says:

    This is a pretty good guide: Laptop Battery Guide. There is a lot of discussion on the internet about whether you do or do not need to calibrate your battery. Apple Support says generally no. If you really want to do some calibration, there are step by step guides and even an app to help you do it.

  4. dobbsep says:

    I want to know if it is possible to Delay Send on an outlook message.

    I also want to know if it is possible to make a shared outlook calendar with my homeroom.

    Does anyone know how to do those two things?

  5. professeurb2 says:

    When I print PDF files in Adobe, each page takes one minute. This does not happen with Word or other applications. Any advice?

    • John Burk says:

      If the pdf file contains a bunch of images, and you are printing to the HP 1200, it is going to be slow, simply because the printer does not have a lot of memory to store those images (this is also true if the pdf is text, but the text was scanned). There isn’t a real way around this, unfortunately, other than to use a printer with more memory, like one of the lab printers.

    • John Burk says:

      You need to change the default application to handle audio files. The best way to do this is to drag one of the audio files sent to you to the desktop. Then follow these steps:

      1. Click the audio file once to select it (you should also be in the finder)
      2. press command + I (that’s the letter capital i, in case the font is unclear), this will open a get info window
      3. about halfway down the screen are the words “Open with”, click the disclosure triangle to open this section of the window
      4. In the popup dialog, select Quicktime, intead of itunes
      5. Press change all (this will make sure all audio files with this extension will open with the quicktime player).
  6. professeurb2 says:

    Thanks, John. When I clicked on Command + I, it asked me to connect to iDisk, and my network username and password didn’t work. However, I right-clicked using a mouse and chose Open With then Quicktime for each individual recording. However, I wasn’t able to change my default setting.

  7. dobbsep says:

    Do yall know if we are going to be able to get locks for our computers? My little butterfly lock from last year won’t work, and I’d love to be able to lock it. I’m going to buy a Kensington lock myself if we aren’t, but I don’t want to spend the money if we will be receiving them.

  8. Valerie Stevens says:

    Why do I have to log in every single time I want to access my U drive? Will this eventually be fixed?

    • John Burk says:

      Right now you need to login because of the authentication process we have in place. There are hopes to move away from this in the near future. In the meantime, you might also look at dropbox and sugarsync as two free alternatives that offer lots of storage space in the cloud, with the ability to sync with mutiple computers, share documents/folders with others, and almost no hassle.

  9. Lasley Gober says:

    Not sure I got the answer about how to make an email group in Outlook. Also, in the deluge of passwords I set over the summer, I apparently don’t have the correct username and password for dropbox. While I can open directly from my toolbar, I frequently get messages that I need to insert password to update. What gives? (if I need to recover my password, not clear how to do that, as it goes directly to a bunch of info about (insert acronym here!). PS Thanks, John, for advice about using dropbox to store my files.

    • John Burk says:

      You should be able to go to and reset your password to get things squared away. You can probably also tell the dropbox application to remember your password.

      To make a email group, follow these steps:

      1. Open outlook
      2. Click on contacts in the lower left hand corner of the outlook window
      3. Click on new contact group (2nd icon in the toolbar across the top of the window
      4. Add addresses

      Note that this creates a local group—you cannot send mail to this group using the webmail outlook client or your smartphone. It’s one of the (many) annoyances of the mac outlook client.

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