Want to be a Keynote jedi? Learn from the master…Dan Meyer

A few weeks before school started Dan Meyer came and led a 2 day professional development workshop on developing more engaging problems for math and science. One of the features of Dan’s work were some seriously awesome Keynote presentations. He’s now started to write some incredible tips and tricks for creating stunning presentations under the series Keynote Camp. These really are pro tips that anyone can follow, and in the process, you’ll learn a lot more about how to use your computer, and put together some mind-blowing presentations.

Here’s the first video (3 minutes):


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2 Responses to Want to be a Keynote jedi? Learn from the master…Dan Meyer

  1. Mark Cutbirth says:

    If you would like to use your projector/SmartBoard to display the Keynote Presentation, while having Presenter Notes displayed on your MacBook, you will need to turn “mirroring” off in your System Preferences/Display Preferences and may need to change Keynote Preferences/Slideshow – select “Present on secondary display” and be sure that Presenter Display has “Use alternate display to view presenter information” is selected.

  2. John Burk says:

    Here’s a blog post with some great presentation tips: Short & Sweet presentation advice.

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