How to add a signature to electronically submitted letters

Mary Reynolds gave us the wonderful template so that we can submit our recommendations electronically, but what about getting your signature on the page?

1. Write your signature on a white piece of paper
2. Scan it (either use a stand-alone scanner in a work room or use the scanner in Copy Central)
3. Open the scanned file (if from CC, it’s a .pdf) in; “select” the area around it and then “Crop” it.  Now save it again in a place you can remember (perhaps in your Recommendations folder).
4. Next time you’re writing a rec., when you get to your signature, click on Insert > Photo > Picture from File and then select the file you saved earlier.  Hey presto, your signature should pop up on the page, with a box around it that you can manipulate to resize the image (drag around the bottom right hand corner).
(5. Just use this letter as your template so next time you won’t have to insert your signature again — it will simply be there)

Hope this helps,

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