Managing your “Home” screen in Google Docs

If it looks like someone has hacked your GoogleDocs account recently, inserting dozens of files in your “Home” screen, there’s an easy remedy.

Your Grade Chairs have recently shared documents with you for each child in the Junior High.  Actually, they shared a “Collection” with you and are now saving student files to that collection.  As a result, they may appear in your “Home” screen.  That is, until you decide that you don’t want them in your “Home” screen.

To make these files vanish, select them, then right click and select "Don't show in home"
To reduce the clutter of your Google Docs account, follow these easy steps:

  • Put a check mark in the box of the first file you want to remove from your “Home” screen. (Simply click in the box to the left of the file name.
  • If there are multiple files below that one, hold down the SHIFT key and press the down arrow.  This will allow you to select multiple files.
  • When you are done selecting files, right click on these files, opening up an options menu.
  • Select “Don’t show in home.”
  • Files will then disappear from your “Home” screen.  You can always access them by opening the “Collection” that the Grade Chair shared with you.
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3 Responses to Managing your “Home” screen in Google Docs

  1. dobbsep says:

    THANK YOU TED! That tip just made my life so much better!

  2. This is a great tip! I’m frequently asked why all these things show up in the Home menu and how to make them go away. Something that users may want to consider is that Home is a little like your inbox. All items are listed in the home menu and are organized by the date last used. Google uses this default so that you can easily see items that have been shared with you even if the author of the document or collection didn’t notify you before sharing. I always start in my Home folder, glance at the top of the list to see if there is anything new, then shift to my starred folder. I star any item I’m currently working on or need frequent access to. You can star items you created and those created by others.

    • tsadtler says:

      Absolutely. It was suggested to me last week that I star items I’m working on this week, then “unstar” them when I’m finished for a while. For example, this week I’m working with my mentee on writing midterm comments this week, I’m co-writing a DIS lesson plan on student feedback, I’m planning my Spanish 2 classes with another teacher, and I’m continuing to read my advisee’s Murphy Meisgeier reflections. So, I’ve starred the following docs/collections in Google Docs:
      -Mentor Log (a Word document shared with me by the Dean of Fac)
      -DIS 2011-2012 (a collection shared with me by the JH CTIS)
      -Unit 1 (a document shared with me by another teacher)
      -MM Reflections (a collection shared with me by the 8th Grade Boys Chair)

      Right now, those are the only docs/collections that I see in my home screen. I’m going to give this method a whirl this week. My hope is that my “Google Docs Zen” will shoot through the roof. Thanks for sharing!!

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