How to password protect a video using Vimeo

Part of the school’s new social media policy requires you to password protect any images or videos of identifiable students or student work. You may also be aware that YouTube does not readily allow you to password protect videos (you can mark them private, and then invite up to 25 specific users to view the video. You can also make the link unpublished, so that it can’t be accessed by searching you tube—however neither of these options really allow you to make a video open to only people with a password).

Vimeo, an alternative video sharing service does allow you to password protect individual videos, and even complete albums of videos.

Here’s how you do it:

    1. Start by joining Vimeo with a basic account
    2. After registering, click the upload video link
    3. Choose and upload your video.
    4. After uploading, click on the privacy tab in the left sidebar.
    5. Press the radio button for password protected and set a password. It would also be a good idea to unselect the options “allow other people to download source video” and “allow other people to add this video to groups, channels and albums.”

  1. Save your changes with the “save changes” button on the left sidebar and you’re done.
  2. Now you can email people the link to the video and the password to see it, or you can embed it in a blog by clicking on the embed button in the upper right corner of the video.

If you’d prefer video instructions for how to do this, here’s a video I found that explains the process:


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One Response to How to password protect a video using Vimeo

  1. lasleyg says:

    This is a great storage bank for student videos, but I recommend folks check all the settings (upper right corner) in addition to privacy settings, to clarify who can comment, alter, etc. the videos shared.

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