How to type accents on the mac

Often, Spanish and French students and teachers ask me how to type accents and other punctuation marks on their Macs. Here it is:

´ (accute accent) Opt-e, then vowel
` (grave accent) Opt-`, then vowel
ˆ (circumflex) Opt-i, then vowel
¨ (dieresis) Opt-u, then vowel
˜ (tilde) Opt-n, then letter
Ç Opt-Shift-c     ç Opt-c
¿  Opt-Shift-/     ¡ Opt-1
Œ Opt-Shift-q   œ Opt-q
Æ Opt-Shift-‘     æ Opt-‘


About John Burk

The ramblings of a physics teacher.
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