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How to type accents on the mac

Often, Spanish and French students and teachers ask me how to type accents and other punctuation marks on their Macs. Here it is: ´ (accute accent) Opt-e, then vowel ` (grave accent) Opt-`, then vowel ˆ (circumflex) Opt-i, then vowel … Continue reading

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How to password protect a video using Vimeo

Part of the school’s new social media policy requires you to password protect any images or videos of identifiable students or student work. You may also be aware that YouTube does not readily allow you to password protect videos (you … Continue reading

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My closet of web bookmarklet ninja tricks

Yesterday, I did a repeat of theWebsurfing Ninja Class I gave last summer. This time, the five attendees were wowed by all the cool things you can do with little javascript bookmarklets, and so I thought I would share my … Continue reading

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Open mic on questions

Again, it’s been a while since we’ve had an open mic on questions about using your mac and IT. What questions do you have? We may not have all the answers, but we’ll do our best to find out.

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Join the multimedia extravaganza of the high school science department

For our second professional development session in the high school science department, we decided to do a multimedia extravaganza, giving faculty the opportunity to learn all sorts of cool multimedia tools and ideas for incorporating more multimedia in their classroom. … Continue reading

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Two interesting articles on the effects of technology in the classroom and distraction

Recently, two very interesting (and somewhat lengthly) articles about technology, learning and distraction. Because these articles are long, this might be an great opportunity to test out instapaper, a fantastic free service for saving and reading long pieces of text. … Continue reading

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Want to be a Keynote jedi? Learn from the master…Dan Meyer

A few weeks before school started Dan Meyer came and led a 2 day professional development workshop on developing more engaging problems for math and science. One of the features of Dan’s work were some seriously awesome Keynote presentations. He’s … Continue reading

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