Printing a selection of pages in

This may be an issue with my printer (I have a newer Brother printer in my room because my old HP printer died at the end of last semester), but there didn’t seem to be an option to print only a selection of pages in (apple’s pdf reader, the alternative to Adobe reader).

It turns out that preview CAN do this. You simply highlight the pages you want to print (use the command key and click to highlight non-consecutive pages), then go to File > Print Selected Pages (rather than just Print).

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How to add a signature to electronically submitted letters

Mary Reynolds gave us the wonderful template so that we can submit our recommendations electronically, but what about getting your signature on the page?

1. Write your signature on a white piece of paper
2. Scan it (either use a stand-alone scanner in a work room or use the scanner in Copy Central)
3. Open the scanned file (if from CC, it’s a .pdf) in; “select” the area around it and then “Crop” it.  Now save it again in a place you can remember (perhaps in your Recommendations folder).
4. Next time you’re writing a rec., when you get to your signature, click on Insert > Photo > Picture from File and then select the file you saved earlier.  Hey presto, your signature should pop up on the page, with a box around it that you can manipulate to resize the image (drag around the bottom right hand corner).
(5. Just use this letter as your template so next time you won’t have to insert your signature again — it will simply be there)

Hope this helps,

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A few how-to videos

Several people have asked me how to add a network printer, manage all the network icons on the desktop and make a backup of their data (apologies to Peyten; they must not have watched your video, but they didn’t watch mine when I emailed these out last week either.)  Some of you tried to watch these at home but could not because they were on the network. Now they are on youtube, so you can watch at home. I hope they are helpful.

For some reason, the uploaded videos start out with a grey screen for the first 10 seconds or so; don’t give up, you will see something after that…

How to print to a network printer on the school network

How to manage network icons

How to back up your data

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Open mic on questions

Again, it’s been a while since we’ve had an open mic on questions about using your mac and IT. What questions do you have? We may not have all the answers, but we’ll do our best to find out.

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Join the multimedia extravaganza of the high school science department

For our second professional development session in the high school science department, we decided to do a multimedia extravaganza, giving faculty the opportunity to learn all sorts of cool multimedia tools and ideas for incorporating more multimedia in their classroom.

The five specific things we worked on were:

  1. Recording video and making movies with imovie
  2. Creating screencasts
  3. Finding and editing photos from the internet
  4. Extracting video from YouTube and other video websites
  5. Ripping DVDs and cutting clips to use in lessons and activities

Each of the links above will take you to the individual self-paced tutorial, with both written instructions and screencasts that you can follow on your computer. The tutorials are also broken down into beginner/professional/all-star levels so that you can find the tutorial that best matches your experience.

If you want to see the full document, follow this link, and you’ll be treated to a couple of additional screencasts showing you how to zoom objects and add video to a keyonte presentation.

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One Coffee Spill Away from Disaster? Back Up Your Work!

So Automatic Syncing of files does NOT happen anymore. I know, gasp! This means that YOU need to back up your files on a regular basis. I suggest once a week. Set a reminder on your outlook calendar to do it, and you’ll thank yourself when that coffee does spill on your computer. This is a short, easy process that will save you lots of time and headaches later.  Get into the habit of backing up!

See this 3 minute video for help if you need it.

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COPPA…. Copa Compliant, the hottest topic north of Havana!

Good to read and know! Be careful about what we post online!

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